Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Radiation Complete !!

Luke wore his UCSF hospital scrubs to his last treatment of radiation today ! It was a good experience all in all. The doctor and nurses were all very friendly and never kept us waiting. Luke's treatments were fast and he had hardly any side-effects, PRAISE GOD. The Grandma's were really wonderful !! Grandma Suzi and Grandma Kay traded off coming over to our house to watch Joe, Grace and Peter. It made it really easy on Luke and I to hurry off to treatments and come right home without having to make any stops. Thanks Grandmas :)

The bad news is....Luke had a follow-up C.T. scan to check the condition of his lungs. His medication was changed to a single anti-fungal medication he has been taking orally at home for two weeks. The C.T revealed the original growths were a bit smaller but there are a few new larger growths. So... the doctors are a little confused right now as to when these new growths occurred. Fungal infections are very dangerous and I'm really praying for God to do another mighty work in Luke's body. I know his power never runs out ! Please pray with us, we are headed to see doctors in San Francisco tomorrow morning.

We watched a documentary on the San Francisco earthquakes last week and I told Mike "We are not going over the bay bridge next time we go to UCSF" and I guess nobody is tomorrow. The news said they had to close it after a cable broke yesterday! Funny.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I can't believe it has been two weeks since my last post. Sorry, I haven't been good about keeping you all up to date. Its been a busy time around here. The trips to the hospital to have infusions of anti-fungal medicine stopped! Praise the Lord. Luke's blood pressure was getting high and he was loosing a lot of potassium with that stuff, so I was glad for many reasons to be off of it. They found an oral medicine that is suppose to work four times as well. I hope they are right. We will soon find out when he has his next C.T. scan next week...Praying for healthy lungs.

Friday, Mike and I took Luke to get lined up for his radiation. He got five real tattoos on his tummy and a little mold make of his body so his position is the same every treatment. The first treatment went well yesterday and today was actually pretty fun...after his treatment they let him play with the remote control that makes the machine spin around. It's really neat. When the machine rotates, the floor drops down and lights up! The radiation therapists adore Luke. They watch him on a t.v. screen during his treatments and today he had them all giggling. He was looking at his reflection and making silly faces the whole time.

Lukas has been feeling better everyday, more energy, eating better, and not as sensitive to smells. Then today the smell of dinner started to make him sick, and he was too tired to walk upstairs at bedtime. Bummer. They said to expect side effects similar to those of chemotherapy. He will have a total of twelve radiation treatments, Monday through Friday, weekends off. The last treatment will be on the 28th. He is also still on overnight hydration, they say probably a couple more weeks before we can take him off that. It's not that big of a deal , but he has to get up to potty a lot in the night.