Thursday, May 21, 2009

4th cycle of chemo...hopefully last !!

Going home today! yay! Luke had a little nausea this time but not enough to keep him from eating, 2 corn dogs, 2 piles of french fries, Cheerios, half a banana, rice crispies, half a tuna sandwich, a cookie, yogurt, chips, and the top of a blueberry muffin!! Pretty good for 2 days in the hospital on chemo! Although there is not too many veggies in that list; I guess we will have to work on that when we get home.

I'm continuing to pray this will be Luke's final chemo treatment. That God will give the doctors wisdom, that he will prepare Luke's body for surgery, that his tumor will be easy for the surgeon to remove and that she will remove it entirely, so that he requires no more treatment. Thank you for praying with us, Love Erica

Friday, May 15, 2009

We received a care package from "The Keaton Raphael Memorial". Keaton was a five year old that died of Neuroblastoma in 1998. His parents founded the memorial to give comfort to family's dealing with cancer. They sent this sun hat, bear and personalized blanket for Luke, along with goodies for his brothers and sister. They also sent five hundred dollars to help with medical expenses! What a wonderful surprise that was. A big THANK YOU to"The Keaton Raphael Memorial" from the Finches!! What a blessing :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks to all for your encouraging posts! We love you!

The doctor said he would loose the rest of his hair after his second cycle of chemo. When all this started I told Luke he was going to be bald like Daddy, he replied "No I'm not". I am starting to believe he was right. He still has hair!!!

My prayer was answered at the hospital last time and he woke-up feeling fine. He has been feeling great over all. We are scheduled for round 4 on Tue May, 19th. A couple of weeks after treatment we will enter what is called "observation" phase of his treatment. He will have another CT scan and a MIBG scan. The Oncologists and Surgeon will examine his scans and decide weather Luke is ready for surgery. My prayer is for Luke's Surgeon, Dr.Lisa Abramson, to get the entire tumor, without missing a single cell. Then maybe he will not need any more chemo afterwards! Thank you all for praying with us :) -Erica