Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August C.T. Scan

We received the results of Luke's Friday scans of his chest, abdomen and pelvis. The area in his lungs where he previously had that nasty fungal infection is all good... a little scar tissue but nothing else. Abdomen is just fine. Pelvis is all clear. His blood is looking great and we are still waiting on his UA(really important...can show the first signs of cancer). So the Lord continues to bless us with a healthy son and we are taking full advantage of that. We headed straight to the mall after his appointment and took Luke to the Lego store! I don't think he remembers the last time he had been to the mall. He was having so much fun, and saying "Thank you Mom...thank you Grandma Kay...for taking me to the mall...thank you". We headed straight to Soccer practice after that. Uncle Ken is his coach and cousin Veda is on his team, he loves it. Thank you all so much for your prayers...and thank you Jesus.( I sound just like Luke...I guess we both have a lot to be thankful for ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crazy but Good

We had a crazy day yesterday. We were heading to the hospital for Lukie's scans and the car wouldn't start :( so we walked over to Grandmas and borrowed her car and made it to the hospital only a little late... where they told us the C.T. Scanner was broken. Sutter Memorial sent us to Sutter General. That hospital is really busy and under construction and I had no idea where I was going...but we made it. We had to go through the whole hospital registration process since we are new to that hospital and wait a long time in radiology... all the while poor Luke is fasting and worrying about having an IV put in. So, our 10 am scan finally happened at about 12:15 pm. He also needed his labs drawn so I asked if they could just take the blood from his IV so he wouldn't have to get poked again. This turned out to be another half an hour of walking around the hospital with a really kind radiology tech. who was trying to figure out how to get his labs drawn. The lab insisted they couldn't do it and wanted to send us to another lab. The whole thing was really weird. I had no idea it would be so difficult ! So a nurse walking down the hall heard the whole discussion with the lab and said..."oh, my goodness, just give me the tubes and I will do it". She met us in the waiting room and drew his blood from the IV and took it out...she didn't have cotton and tape or a band aid though and blood spilled all down Luke's shorts as he cried...Oh my... Well at least we were done.

Luke and I walked out of the hospital to the first restaurant we saw, Round Table, a very nice gentlemen working at round table that made a special pizza for Luke caused me to reflect on the kindness we had received that day. No where in that chaos of day did we come across a rude or mean person, actually it was quite the contrary, everyone was incredibly nice. Even both the ladies at the parking-toll booths were super didn't charge me and the other told me how adorable my son that I think about it...our day really wasn't that bad...the Lord blessed us the whole day...funny how he works sometimes ;) Thank you for your continued prayers. ~Erica

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Upcoming Scan and Tests

Just wanted to put in a prayer request for Luke's upcoming scans and tests. He is scheduled for Friday morning at 9:30 for his C.T. scan and blood work/UA. Please say a prayer for our little guy. Right now he's being lathered up with sunscreen as heads back into the pool...what fun. He's becoming quite the good swimmer!! We send our love to all :)