Monday, April 25, 2011

April Scans

Today we got the results of Luke's scans from last week. Dr.Hsu said they saw compression in his spine at his T12 vertebra. They would like to do an Mibg scan to see if their are any Neuroblastoma cells in the area causing this. There are other causes of spinal compression, but of course the reason for all of these scans it to catch ANY abnormalities. Luke is feeling great he's playing baseball like a champ, eating well, gaining weight, growing taller and smarter everyday. We already had an appointment scheduled with UCSF to meet with Dr.Horn, one of our bone marrow transplant specialists, so we will take copies of Luke's C.T. Scans and see what they think...It's hard not to start thinking the worst...I'm not sure why our mind's do that to us :/ I saw a poster of "Dory" from the Disney movie "Finding Nemo", it said "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".LOL, It's true, we just have to keep moving along, and keep ourselves from wading in worry. I trust in the Lord... no matter what comes our way. He has shown me his power, love, mercy and his gentleness. In him I find my strength :) I hope to report good news soon...Keep praying for our Lukas !!