Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Wishes Do Come True !!

Hi everybody ! Luke is doing great and we are all having a fun filled summer, I hope you are too!

*Update* Our last Bone Marrow Transplant check-up went good. Luke was, once again, a professional a getting his blood draw.. (a big sigh for Mommy)....His labs looked great. They said his iron levels might be really high due to the amount of blood transfusions he has had and they may need to "bleed him out" some to take care of that, but that wasn't the case...(another sigh for Mom!)...God is good! His vitamin D levels were another concern, but they were good too! He is now ready to have his immunizations done over again just like a newborn baby. I have been kind of procrastinating making that appointment...after all he's been through the last thing I want to do is give him more shots :(

It's really been amazing to watch him get stronger everyday. The human body is incredible...The Creator designed us with such an intricate design. It's hard to believe how close to death my Lukie was and how God has healed him so completely. I continue to pray...all the time...that his body will never make another neuroblastoma cell again! And I pray the lasting effects of chemotherapy will be non-existent.... I know God can do anything :)

Our little buddy Kenji is on his way to take part in a clinical trial in Tennessee at St.Jude's Hospital. Neuroblastoma cells are in his bone marrow once again. I'm praying this clinical trial might be a medical breakthrough. Kenji is a precious little boy with a head full of curly brown hair. His parents, Dave and Marlene, are amazing, caring people, I hope the very best for them.

Oh, yeah, I almost could I forget... the title of today's post "Big Wishes Do Come True"...Luke received his wish from the "Make-A-Wish Foundation"!! A giant ..16' x 32' ...above ground SWIMMING POOL !!! We went swimming in it for the first time today and Luke kept saying "Can you believe it..I can't believe it...we are in my very own my house..can you believe it...I can't believe dream came true!!" his expressions were really cute. His brothers and sister are pretty happy as well, and I have to say I am enjoying it as much as the kids are... It has been pretty hot around here.

Well...Luke will have his next set of scans the beginning of August. We postponed them a couple weeks because we have some new medical insurance kicking in soon. YAY. Mike enlisted in the NAVY reserves ! A big decision for us to still gives me a little tummy ache thinking about it...but I think it was what the Lord wanted for us. I have to say when Mike got down his uniforms and started trying them on it did make my heart go pitter-pat to see my sailor once again. He is really cute. Well, that's the Finch Family update, please keep us in your prayers, it means a lot to us. Sincerely, Erica