Saturday, January 23, 2010

Enjoying Home

We are having a great time staying home. Luke is just finishing his third cycle of cis-retionoc acid and it seemed to be a bit easier this time. His lips are chapped pretty bad but not quite bleeding and the rest of his skin is pretty good. I also didn't see too much of a decrease in his appetite.Dr.Yim assured us he would be feeling better now that his is off the fungal medicine. His second follow-up scan is now scheduled for Feb.1 .Praying for clear lungs!!

January 27 Luke will be 6 years old!! Happy Birthday Lukie!!(Mike and I got him a new blue bike for his birthday sshhh... don't tell) He is doing great with his school work lately. We are accomplishing much more now that we have not been traveling as much. He is reading now, writing and doing math. Joe and Luke are science buddies and do experiments together, and Grace is like a little teacher herself. I go upstairs to rotate the laundry and she breezes in and has him finishing his workbook pages by the time I get back (it's more fun than doing her own work). Peter is right there in the middle of it all doing his home work too. He gets very jealous "Mom.. I need help..what do I do?" Busy full days, sending them all outside with every peek of sunshine I see. ~ Love to all Erica

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye Two Thousand And Nine

"Goodbye Two Thousand and Nine, you were no friend of mine! " My sister Jennifer said that yesterday, I thought it was pretty approiate considering the trials we have had this year. However it is not entirely true. There were many things 2009 brought our family.We have grown in our relationship with God and with each other. We have been tested to the breaking point and we have been strengthened beyond what we knew was possible. We have been deeply hurt and we have seen incredible healing. We feel like we got our master degrees in Cancer treatment this year, and the compassion we have for others going down the path we just traveled and those beyond us is UN-paralleled. We have grown in knowledge about many things and have seen Gods love poured out by many. All in all it has been a pretty special year. Although, I have hope for a different kind of 2010. One that includes no more suffering for Lukas and the complete healing of his body!! And a happy and healthy year for all of you too!!