Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still Don't Know ?

We are still awaiting a call from UCSF on Luke's follow-up scan for his lung infection. His Oncologist here in Sacramento said it looks stable meaning no change since his last scan I guess. We were told that there will probably be scar tissue left behind, so hopefully that is what they are seeing. I will let you know when we find out more. We just finished making some beautiful valentine cookies and the kids are having fun passing around their valentine cards. Mommy has already eaten to many cookies and is now trying to talk herself into getting on the treadmill ! Wish me luck. lol

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February...Wow !!

Time is just flying by isn't it? I got a call during our very big and successful yard sale from my friend Nichole. You might remember back during Luke's transplant we met Nichole and her family at the "family house" in San Francisco. Their daughter Layla was undergoing radiation after having a relapse of neuroblastoma almost a year after her transplant. Upon follow-up scans they discovered Layla's neuroblastoma was spreading to both her liver and lungs. Nichole told me she passed away on Monday at home in her bed... she was six years old. Layla was a beautiful little girl and we will always remember our short time with her. Mike and I are heartbroken for Nichole and Dennis and also for Layla's four year old sister Ruby, two year old brother Eli and baby sister Josefina. Nichole said she can close her eyes and see Layla running in heaven with sparkles all around her...and she knows all her pain is gone. The Lord brings great comfort in his promises.

Luke continues to do really well. We went to Sutter Memorial to have another c.t. scan of his lungs yesterday. Don't have results yet. We will go back to UCSF March 10 to check his immune system. Hopefully he will be off isolation! Please continue to pray for Luke's healing and for our friends Nichole and Dennis.
Thank you for following our journey, it really helps to know all of our friends are going through this with us. I love you all.