Friday, April 30, 2010

Luke was so brave! He knew what he was in for, but he marched himself into that hospital, sat in the chair, held out his arm stiff and with his eyes closed tight he screamed and cried but did NOT move his arm. I figure, if he wants to cry that is okay with least he let the guy put in the IV like he needed to. Peter was with us this time and just before Luke got poked, he whispered in my ear "I don't want to watch this". I didn't even think of Peter being worried, poor guy. Well... we all survived and the boys hopped over all the lines between the tiles on the floor all the way to the parking lot. The following day Luke once again slept through his MIBG scan. We saw Kenji and his Mom and Dad in the waiting room. They will find out next week if he is in fact having a relapse or not. Praying all is okay. We will have a visit to go over Lukas' scans with the Oncologist on May 11th. Luke's energy and stamina are increasing everyday. Today he is at Awanas til 4:30, has a 5:30 baseball game, followed by an awards ceremony at Cornerstone church where he will get up and recite his memory verse(James 2:10). Big day ! Thank you Lord for your healing:)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Follow-up Scans

Luke had his C.T. and Bone scan Monday. Thank you for your prayers...God was merciful and gave Luke a fabulous I.V. therapist. He cried but didn't scream...He drank his contrast in a little shot glass this time then chased it with a hefty amount of apple juice. I think that was a great way to get it down, because when it is mixed together it's pretty nasty tasting stuff! Luke fell asleep during his bone scan again...what a trooper! We will go Tuesday to have a nuclear injection then a MIBG scan on Wednesday. Lord..please keep this boy healthy :)

Our Friends who encouraged and comforted us when we found out Luke was going to have a Stem-cell transplant are going through another scary time. Their son Kenji has past the one year mark since his transplant and has just had a scan showing a swollen lymph node and he has an elevated UA. Please remember them in your prayers too.