Thursday, September 2, 2010

1 YEAR post Transplant !!!

It's hard to believe it has been exactly one year since the bags of Luke's stem cells were defrosted and then infused into his body. He is one amazing boy with one amazing God of mercy. Lukas enjoyed cupcakes with his friends after soccer practice to celebrate...I think only a couple of them knew it wasn't really his birthday...after all, who would guess by looking at him he was so ill such a short time ago. Well...Mike and I talked last night about the mixed feelings that come to the surface as we remember back and we both agreed it's much more fun to live in the moment, enjoy watching our kids, swim, play soccer, learn and grow. Not to ponder on the past or try to think to far into the future but just love today for what it is...I pray all of you are doing well and I thank you again for your continued prayer for our Lukie boy!

P.S. The last test we were waiting on was all normal :)