Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oncology Appointment 10/18/11

God blessed me with a very calm heart for our visit with Dr.Shu today. He said the compression that showed up in Luke's scans in April in his T12 vertebra was healed...regenerated...all better!! I'm Praising the Lord for his healing hand!
Strangely enough they are now seeing a compression in his L2 vertebra which is down his back a little lower. This is really confusing. Dr. Shu has no idea what is going on. As for Luke's labs, his blood looks all good and we don't have the results of the HVA-VMA(urine test that shows tumor markers). So...the Doctor is going to refer us to an orthopedist to have an x-ray taken of his spine to get a good baseline for the future. We will continue to pray this week that his last test will be clear and I'm thinking if God can heal T12 he can defiantly heal L2 !! Thanks again for praying with us. I will let you all know what happens next :) ~Erica

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