Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 2011

Along with the rest of his siblings, Luke was enrolled in public school this August. We just had our first parent-teacher conference with his second grade teacher Mrs.Trasarre and I am glad to report that he is doing wonderfully! This is his first year ever in public school so I was a bit worried about how he would do. He is really enjoying all his new friends, playing basketball and tether-ball on the playground, running laps for P.E and math (believe it or not!). Lukas is also playing soccer like a champ(getting some goals even)! This year his U8 team is called "The Big Horns"under our favorite "Coach(uncle)Ken". We have had a little problem with our Friday schedule, which goes... 8am school, 2:30 Awana(kids club at church) then 5:30 soccer practice. That makes for a long day and a very exhausted little guy, but he's gaining endurance.

This Friday (October 14th) we skipped out on school, Awana and soccer practice and headed down for a day at the hospital. Luke had his labs and C.T scan done and then we did some shopping. Everything went very well and it was another 'first time ever' for Luke...he did NOT cry or scream for his IV!...not a peep...he is one amazing boy!! We will go back to the Oncologist for a check up and to receive the results of these tests on Tuesday the 18th. We are in prayer as always for Luke's complete healing and asking God for these tests results to be completely normal. Please join us in prayer. Our Lord Jesus Christ has been so merciful these last 2 years and 8 months of Luke's Journey and we are so thankful for your prayers.

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